Welcome to our farm!


The Story Of Tory Hollow Farm

Tory Hollow Farm is proudly owned and run by husband and wife team, Shawn and Corey Anderson and their three amazing kids. Before we got married, it was always a joke that “we need a farm”.  It was decided that it was time to make that dream a reality in 2016 when Corey said “If I don’t get my alpacas now, I never will”. The search began for a location and our herd.  It didn’t take long as homeowners in Berwyn to find Tory Hollow Farm and we immediately knew it was the perfect place for us to spend the rest of our lives.   The original farmhouse with the neighborhood built around it, we are part of the most amazing and supportive community. We love being a place of serenity and chaos for the neighborhood to enjoy!

We bought the farm in April of 2019 and moved our alpaca herd in on May 25! Shortly after, we started expanding with our flock of birds, 2 Great Pyrenees, 2 Valais black faced sheep, 2 pigs  and in August of 2020 in the midst of Covid-19 we are adding the cherry to the top of the Sundae and bringing home our baby camel. We invite you to book a stay in our private cottage through AirBNB and to create a new holiday tradition at our farm with your holiday photos on our restored vintage sleigh with some of our awesome animals. We will be offering Christmas trees and meet and greets with the Tory Hollow residents during your reserved, Covid safe time slot.